Mythic Alliance Applications

App: Kaennara Kepesk\'Fleur

The application submitted by Kaennara Kepesk\'Fleur is as follows:

Character Name & Class::
Kaennara, Fury

Max Resolve/Solo Health:
5,035 res & 890, 304,339 health

Tell us about your raid experience::
I have a decent amount, but not the best with understanding DKP, but i seem to understand strats more or less.

Strengths that you bring to the Raid Force::
Heals. All the heals.

Are you interested in joining Paper Tigers Guild now as well? (Not required):
Currently, i wish to be a part of your alliance. However, i have a placeholder in the guild. Kaennarax

Any other interests? (Tradeskill, Decorating, etc)::
I decorate, like to learn about the game's lore, etc!

Best mob you've ever killed::
Oof, hard to say...

What brought you to the Mythic Alliance?::
The desire to have fun, learn more about raiding, and collect some lore!

What raid forces have you been a member of and why did you leave? (Contact an officer if you would like to discuss this privately)::
I think it was See Red / the Japanese raid alliance i was once in during PoP, and before that, I raided a little with a guild called Vera Vitus in KA.

Please indicate that you can make our raid times (currently Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday - 8pm - 11pm EST / 5pm - 8pm PST)::
I can make raids, but not always. I will consider myself a part time raider. if i make any, it will be on thursdays

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