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Dragonox - 120 Shadowknight

     Resolve - 4810,  Solo HP - 691 Million

     Crit Chance - 3531% , Resist - 1 Million


Quiet - 120 Dirge

     Resolve - 4970,  Solo HP 900 Million

     Crit Chance - 3890% , Resist 1 Million



 - Dragon is a up and coming weaponsmith

 - Quiet is and up and coming Provisioner with tradeskill epic 1 done


Both Character are currently in Paper Tigers.  Was on Quiet as main asked about raiding and was told have lots of Dirges and then asked if could use my Shadowknight.  Was asked to bring him over.  Currently getting him up to at least T1 raid status but can raid with Quiet to get gear for my SK if possible to speed up the process.


I have raided befoer with Guardians of Drinal, Companions, and Dragonian Knights


Hope I am able to raid with you soon.  Have a good day.


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