Mythic Alliance Applications

DECLINED - App: Thaydrian - by Hobarthbps

The application submitted by Thaydrian is as follows:

Character Name & Class::
Thaydrian Assassin

Max Resolve/Solo Health:
3375 - 71,772,070

Tell us about your raid experience::
Took an extended break and just came back a few weeks ago. Tonkah has helped me get to 120, lvl 20 Ascension, I am undergeared as you clearly can tell by stats. I used to raid with Saints of Norrath, Symphony of The Night, and was with Revelations long ago. I have tons of raid experience, killed all Avatars and most overland contested mobs and at 1 time I was in the top 5 worldwide Assassins.

Strengths that you bring to the Raid Force::
Able to listen to directions and execute them flawlessly (New mobs are a learning curve obvi) and I know to keep my pie hole shut during pulls.

Are you interested in joining Paper Tigers Guild now as well? (Not required):
Already a member.

Best mob you've ever killed::
Best huh?? Hmmm, Probably The Matron back when she dropped that Mythical drop just one per server, sadly another guildy won it ! Those were fun times, I have been here since 2004.

What brought you to the Mythic Alliance?::
Tonkah and Misschera, they are my RL Best friends. I am terminally ill and I wanted to spend my last few years playing the game I love.

What raid forces have you been a member of and why did you leave? (Contact an officer if you would like to discuss this privately)::
Saints of Norrath, Harbingers, Ancient Prophecy, Symphony of The Night, and did a stint in Revelations (Anaiul can vouch for me, she is still healing for them as far as I know). That was over a 13 year period and some of the reasons I left I will answer in game, just ask in a tell.

Please indicate that you can make our raid times (currently Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday - 8pm - 11pm EST / 5pm - 8pm PST)::
I am severely disabled so I am on pretty much all the time. Just be honest with me, if there is no room for me or if you don't want to help me just be honest so we don't waste each others time. I have a bit of work to do getting Grandmastered out and need Ascvensions made but One I am geared and Grabndmastered, I will blow your minds. Tonkah, Chera and I have been around from day 1 and it would be a shame for the guild to not use the vast experience we bring to the table.

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