Mythic Alliance Applications

DECLINED - App: Hypnonaughty - by Hobarthbps

The application submitted by Hypnonaughty is as follows:

Character Name & Class::
Alexicxx Warden

Max Resolve/Solo Health:

Alts (name & class if they might be raid-worthy):
Hypnonaughtyxx Coercer, Opiuniaxx/Mystic

Tell us about your raid experience::
I have raided for years up through ToT. I last raided with After Dark where I played both Coercer(main) and Warden

Strengths that you bring to the Raid Force::
I am a team player know how to follow directions and am looking for progression. I have an extensive crew of crafters and supplied entire raid with runes and grandmasters during AoM and ToT

Are you interested in joining Paper Tigers Guild now as well? (Not required):
I am a current member of PT :)

Any other interests? (Tradeskill, Decorating, etc)::
Tradeskills definitely as well as heroic zones and daily / weekly missions

Best mob you've ever killed::
Three of the orcs from the addon to ToT and up through last boss of ToT t3 zones have disco for many items on Hypnonaughtyxx

What brought you to the Mythic Alliance?::
When I returned after 4 year hiatus noone in After Dark was still active

What raid forces have you been a member of and why did you leave? (Contact an officer if you would like to discuss this privately)::
Medical reasons had me take an extended hiatus from After Dark. I also raided with Mercury Rising who disbanded during AoM timeframe with Fiesta

Please indicate that you can make our raid times (currently Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday - 8pm - 11pm EST / 5pm - 8pm PST)::
I am available to raid whenever one is called :)

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