Mythic Alliance Handbook

Mythic Alliance Handbook 2020


Sitting Out from Raids

We have to ask raiders & recruits to sit out some raids - full or partial.

See “Mains, Alts, the Raid Requires What?!” for DKP & loot rules that apply.


If you have been asked to sit out and then are requested to join the raid, you must respond within 5 minutes or dkp for evening will be forfeit.


DKP Deductions

If a Raider is absent without explanation 5 dkp will be deducted. Post ahead or contact a leader. Really good stories will be accepted up to 2 days after raid. And by “really good” we’re talking hospitalization, power outages, etc, as opposed to you went day drinking and couldn’t be arsed to log in. 


-1 dkp each, for missing the 2nd ready check and any subsequent ready checks. 

-5 dkp or more for rage quitting


Repeated link deaths without adequate explanation will result in loss of dkp for the remainder of the raid. Habitual link death as a tool to make your point or express your displeasure may result in dismissal from the Alliance.

DKP Corrections

You are responsible for checking your DKP. If there is an issue with your DKP, please inform a raid leader or officer in a timely fashion before or after the raid. DKP corrections will not occur during raid!

DKP Decay

If a raider leaves the alliance or takes a break, their dkp will decay 5 points per raid.  


Rules, Grievances, and Discipline 


Here’s the Big One, the one rule to rule them all, also known as the Golden Rule of Gaming: Don’t be a dick. This is an MMROPG and we have people of all walks of life that come together to battle and win end game raid content. We do it nine hours a week with more hours put in making sure our toons are ready to succeed. The time invested is not insignificant and no one should have their efforts rewarded by someone being awful. If you think something you’re going to say might offend someone, don’t say it. If the joke you’re going to tell might be over the top, don’t tell it. Racism, sexism, harassment, abusive behavior and language WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. 


When in raid, follow all directions given by the raid leaders. Don’t be -that guy- who wipes the raid. This is a game. No one is going to ask you to do something even remotely morally questionable. If you have questions or comments regarding the direction raid is taking, please address it after raid with a raid leader.


Unless told otherwise: Stay behind your tank.


If your healer can’t see your feet, you will die. It’s your responsibility to be within range of your healer for heals AND cures.


During raid pulls, keep Discord clear of extraneous chatter. That means anything you say should pertain directly to the fight at hand. Unless you have been expressly asked by a raid leader to call for curses, cures, or movement for a fight, don’t. 


No one’s judging you on whatever pharmaceuticals or recreationals you imbibe. But, if you’re so impaired that you cannot perform the functions of your class in raid you will be removed from the raid. Multiple occurrences may result in your removal from Mythic Alliance.


We want everyone to have a good gaming experience in the hours that we’re together working on raid content and in off hours where play is more casual through groups and quests. Even if everyone is being respectful and following the “don’t be a dick” rule, things sometimes go awry.

Bring any issues to an alliance officer or leader about the problem or situation. Start with your Class Lead if possible. Screen shots can be helpful for clarity’s sake. Above all, be patient. Unless it is imperative, complaints are not addressed during raid time. 


Never call out your fellow raiders in raid. Never air grievances or call out alliance members to non-alliance members, in general chat, forums, discord, or anywhere public. You may be the person wronged, but when you do that, you’re also breaking the “don’t be a dick” rule.


At leadership prerogative. Egregious violations of the guidelines may elicit immediate corrective action up to and including, being removed from raid for the remainder of the evening, being docked DKP, sat from raid for a specific time period, being removed from Raider status, and finally, being removed from Mythic Alliance/Paper Tigers. Please don’t be “that guy”. 


Finally, if anything here is unclear, please bring it up to leadership right away. The clearer this handbook is, the quicker we can get to the fun stuff. Thank you for joining us!


Loot System - DKP

Points are earned by time spent raiding and spent upon drops at a fixed cost. 

You can see the details of your DKP by right clicking on your points. Please review them often. See DKP Corrections below.

Earning DKP

1 DKP is awarded for every hour raiding and 1 DKP is awarded for those present at the start and end of raid for a total of 5 DKP per raid. Raiders not currently in raid (sitting) are awarded the same if they are in Discord and available to raid. Bonuses may be awarded at leadership discretion. 

DKP is awarded in game at the conclusion of raid. Your DKP shows in the Paper Tiger guild roster as Points. DKP is dispensed to the RAID after the last loot chest is dealt with. If you leave the raid prior to that and don’t let an officer know so they can adjust it, you may not get your DKP.

Loot Priority

Raiders (Full-time & Backup) Raid Required Alts Recruits Alts

Mains, Alts, the Raid Requires What?!

Full-time Raiders

Meets all character requirements and raids exclusively with Mythic Alliance.

Maintains at least 80% raid attendance. 

Gets DKP and can roll for loot, on bench or not.

Must post ahead for missed raids or -5 dkp.

May have one Raid Required alt OR one primary alt of their choice. 

Backup Raiders

Meets all character requirements and raids exclusively with Mythic Alliance.

Gets DKP if on bench & available/ready to raid

Can loot items if they are in raid (or were that day, but were asked to sit).

No alts

Raid Required Alts 

Meets all character requirements and raids exclusively with Mythic Alliance.

Raid Required alts are a limited number of especially useful alts, chosen by leaders, which may be needed for raid success. Takes precedence over Recruits & Alts during loot rolls.


Meets all character requirements and raids exclusively with Mythic Alliance.

Gets DKP only if used in raid at some point (or at leaders discretion).

Can loot only if they are currently in raid (or leaders assign loot to them).


Raiders may have one primary alt of their choice which must be declared to and approved by leadership (or one Raid Required Alt). Must be able to raid current raid content with Mythic Alliance, and be on the same account as your main (except for special circumstances). 

If you are asked to raid on any Alt, you still roll for your Main as your main. Raiders may change their alt every 6 months, or as needed by the raid force. Alt changes must be approved by the leadership.

Loot Channel: "mythic-booty" (no password)

Immediately after an item you’d like has been linked, make your bid in the mythic-booty channel – The designated raid looter will call a cut-off at their discretion. Because of time constraints, late bids cannot be honored.

Loot Cost

Mounts & Equipable Items






Resolve *

10 DKP/No reset



20 DKP

Highest DKP

/ran 100

RR Alt

2 DKP/No reset

/ran 100

/ran 100 again


Same as mains

Highest DKP

/ran 100

Alt plat **

100,000 plat

/ran 100

/ran 100 again


Leaders may have to require a raider’s bid if the item will help the entire raid.

*  Resolve bids are Leader-assigned, only for items that will raise the Raider’s resolve, and can only be used if the raider’s Max Resolve is lower than the current tier’s goals. They occasionally override Main bids when needed.

** Platinum bids: Please trade Tiao, deposit it in PT’s guild bank 4 or mail it to an officer of the alliance.

If no bids, loot may be traded for a Current-Tier Mana at the leader's discretion. Send a tell to the leader who looted it. 


Runes and Adornments 

1 per raider per raid max






10 DKP/No reset

Highest DKP

/ran 100

RR Alt

2 DKP/No reset

/ran 100

/ran 100 again


Same as mains

Highest DKP

/ran 100

Alt plat

100,000 plat

/ran 100

/ran 100 again


Infusers, Spell Books, Etc.


Infusers or similar: Leader will /ran 24 and assign item.

Masters, GM, Ancient & Celestials Spell & Ascension  Books: Must be ready to scribe. Priority to Mains in raid, then all Mains, then RR alts in raid, RR alts not in raid, Primary Alts. /ran 100 in case of a tie. Limited to 1 per raider per month (unless other mains don’t need).

If Spell book is not claimed, it will go to Broker to be sold for later plat splits. It may be used for raider alts - ask an officer if needed.

DKP Cap and Penalties

DKP LOW CAP: 0 (After raids only)

During raids your dkp may go negative. After raids, it will be rounded up to 0, then points earned will be applied. 



DKP totals posted will reflect DKP above the cap, but upon purchasing an item for a main it will be reset to 100, or current DKP minus item cost.

Example 1: You have 102 DKP and purchase an item for 20 = 82 DKP.

Example 2: You have 130 DKP and purchase an item for 20 = 100 DKP.


RR Alt loot & Rune/Adorn purchases for DKP will not affect the cap.

Leadership Override

Leadership reserves the right to either restrict the eligibility to bid an item (ex “This item goes to tanks first”) OR override a dkp loot “win” based on a consensus of leaders for the betterment of the raid as a whole.




Full time raiders are expected to maintain 85% attendance in a rolling two month period. Those who do not meet attendance expectations may be moved to Recruit status. (Special circumstances can be discussed on a case by case basis with leadership.) Please see the section on Loot and DKP for further information. Backup raiders have no attendance requirements, but should at least check in every week or face their dkp degrading.

Absences and Vacations

If you know you are going to miss raid for whatever reason, please post in the forums under “Vacation” or on our Discord server under the “Vacation” chat tab. In rare circumstances a leader may be contacted rather than posting but that should be the exception, not the rule. Full-time Raiders who do not post will be subject to a DKP deduction of 5. Really good stories for why raid was missed will be accepted up to two days after the missed raid. Acceptable reasons for a sudden unannounced absence: acts of god, neighbors cut your power line, you got arrested instead of your evil twin, you forgot to pay your cable bill. Repeated unannounced absences, repeated rage quits mid-raid, and repeated link deaths will result in loss of dkp and possible demotion. 

Raid Readiness

Tools of the (T)Raid

In addition to having a functioning computer that can run the current Everquest II game content you will be required to have installed, running, and logged in appropriately:


Working headset/speakers



Character Requirements

Open profile on Eq2Wire

Level 120/350 AA

Resolve - current tier

Class appropriate raid AA spec

At least 2 Ascension Classes maxed

If your main is not in Paper Tigers, you will need to have an alt there to accept your DKP

* Character requirements for raiding do change with new content and will be updated accordingly.


All raiders are required to log into the Mythic Alliance website weekly and check for news and updates, and keep up with ongoing Discord alerts/discussions. 


Raid Basics

Be on time. Raid formation begins at 7:30 PM EST. The later you log in the better the chance you may be sitting instead of raiding. Roll call is at 7:50 PM EST and Raid starts at 8 PM EST. That’s the time we zone in and start clearing. Which means everyone needs to be:


Logged into Discord and in raid channel

Have ACT up and running

Be appropriately geared for raid (harvesting gear not allowed)

Mounts & all hide-able pets hidden (pack ponies, etc)

Gear repaired to 100% 

Have all appropriate potions/temps in your bags.

Flawless/diety/heartbound buffs running

Toon unlocked and open to view on EQ2Wire. 

Not negotiable. Locked raiders will no longer be invited to raids. 

Raiding with other guilds, alliances, & “pick-up” raiding

You can use alts to raid with other guilds & alliances, provided that Mythic Alliance is your first priority & including:

You do not use your Main, or primary/raid-required alt.
(See Mains, Alts, the Raid Requires What?!)

Loot gained during Mythic raids cannot be passed to your raiding alts.

Any kind of leveling or questing needed is completed first on your Mythic main.

Any strats or timers/triggers shared between raids is approved by BOTH leaders.

You don’t burn yourself out raiding too much. 


“Pick-Up” raiding (casual, significantly behind MA in progression) is also fine on anyone except raid-required alts and mains. Occasionally we will open up easier zones for pick-up raids on any toon, but not until later in the expansion when we no longer raid them. Ask first. 



Who We Are

Mythic Alliance is a consortium of guilds and individuals allied together with the goal of enjoying, experiencing, and competing with other guilds to complete group and high end raid content in EverQuest II. We raid three times a week; Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, from 8 PM EST until 11 PM EST. Mature humor may be encountered as we quest, craft, and raid our way to glory. Or lots of plat. 


Our fearless tyrant, Tiao, makes her guild home in Paper Tigers on the Antonia Bayle server. 



Ledastray - Scout lead

Sareka - Priest lead



Quadmon Tank lead

Akarrah - Mage lead

Yahtsee - DKP & Raid attendance

Raike - Recruiter


General Conduct

Mythic Alliance strives to be a no drama zone. How do we accomplish this? The straightforward mixture of respecting everyone and honoring the very basic rule of gaming, “don’t be a dick”. Mature humor does not include “jokes” that demean anyone due to race, gender, nation of origin, religious affiliation, political preference, or whether they like their ogres in thongs or not. 

Application Process

Getting Started

Mythic Alliance is always interested in your application, however, raid positions are filled based on the current class needs. Speak to a leader, officer, or guild recruiter if you have any questions and fill out the application on the Mythic Alliance guild launch portal site. Once your application has been submitted and received on the website it will be reviewed and you will be contacted by an officer and/or class lead for your archetype. Please make sure that the profile of the toon you wish to raid on is open to be viewed on EQ2 Wire.

If your class, skills and personality mesh with us, we will do whatever we can to get you into raid. If you are accepted into the website, it does not mean that you are now a raider - it means we want to talk with you & work with you. Same for our discord server. There's resources on both that are helpful.

You must read this entire handbook (its own forum topic near the top), make sure your character profile is open in Eq2u (Persona options), and talk to your class lead - See above.

Once you are raid-ready, we will try you out in raid. You are now a "Recruit", and. Again, read the handbook for loot rules, etc.

Trial Period (Recruits)

There is a trial period where you may be invited to participate in raids (space permitting, preference given to needed classes). If you do raid, you will earn DKP which may be used to bid on and win gear during raids. You will remain so until we are sure it's a good fit.



You may be offered a backup or full-time raid position depending on raid needs. To improve your chances: Be available for raiding, be proactive in improving & helping others, focus on your performance & teamwork while raiding, and understand that you may “sit” frequently, depending on needs. Expect a review of your AA & gear and a raid readiness check.


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