Mythic Alliance Applications

Applicants please read!


Thank you for applying! We love adding new people to our crew <3

Though we do not lose raiders at the same rate as we get applicants, if your class, skills and personality mesh with us, we will do whatever we can to get you into raid.

If you are accepted into this website, it does not mean that you are now a raider - it means we want to talk with you & work with you. Same for our discord server. There's resources on both that are helpful.

If you are accepted here, you should be sure to read the handbook (its own forum topic near the top), make sure your character profile is open in Eq2u (Persona options), and talk to your class lead.

Tanks - Quadmon

Mages - Akarrah

Scouts - Ledastray

Preists - Sareka

Once your are raid-ready, we will try you out in raid. You are now a "Recruit", and will remain so until we are sure it's a good fit, then will promote you to Raider. Again, read the handbook for loot rules, etc.

Best of Luck!!

- Your future Tyrant, Tiao

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