Character Name & Class: Tonkah    Beastlord


Critical Chance/Average Resists:


AA Level: Max


Alts (name & class if they might be raid-worthy)


Any Tradeskill Class: Weaponsmith


Tell us about your raid experience: I was raiding for many years in both EQ and EQ2 , I've been here since launch but I'm recently returning after a 4 year break, because my work schedule got in the way.


Strengths that you bring to the Raid Force: buffs , a little dps , and the ability to listen and follow instructions .. along with being a team player.


Are you interested in joining Paper Tigers Guild now as well? (not required): already a recruit


Best mob you've ever killed: don't remember


What brought you to the Mythic Alliance?: wanting to get back into the swing of things again, and enjoy the game a bit more.


What raid forces have you been a member of and why did you leave? (Contact an officer if you would like to discuss this privately):
 the most recent was 4 years ago in AP just before I took my 4 year break.


Please indicate that you can make our raid times (currently Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday - 8pm - 11pm EST / 5pm - 8pm PST):

I can , but I may need a little time to get thinks worked out , as I stated when I spoke to the person that recruited me , I'm right in the middle of selling my house and relocating to a different state .. but I'm willing to fill a spot on the days that I can .. once I get fully relocated I can make the raid times with no problem.. but for now it will be a little sketchy...

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