Mythic Alliance Applications

DECLINED - App: Avenn Elonis - by Hobarthbps

The application submitted by Avenn Elonis is as follows:

Character Name & Class::
Avenn 120 Guardian

Max Resolve/Solo Health:
3430, 705 mil

Tell us about your raid experience::
Since lvl 50

Strengths that you bring to the Raid Force::
Good tank

Are you interested in joining Paper Tigers Guild now as well? (Not required):

Any other interests? (Tradeskill, Decorating, etc)::
have 120 crafters all classes

Best mob you've ever killed::
All ofCD mobs, 2/3 of BoL

What brought you to the Mythic Alliance?::
Post on Discord

What raid forces have you been a member of and why did you leave? (Contact an officer if you would like to discuss this privately)::
Bloodlust - Guild Leader is a Zerker, also Raid Leader and MT - I rarely get to tank - although I have tanked everything this xpac when he was on vac os sick


Oops wrong resolve - it is 4340. 

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