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These are "Anyone with link can view" Google docs. Let me know if you have an issue opening them


ACT Files: Backing up and restoring


This is a Trigger & Timer collection, organized by Zone, etc. YOU DO NOT WANT ALL THESE. Import the ones you want, individually, by selecting < to >, Copy (CTRL-C), then select the Import XML button in ACT

MA Triggers & Timers

Notes for this file:

The trig/timer you want may be stored on a similar zone (expert/mythic/regular, etc). Look for zone variations. Copy what is there, then for Triggers, change the name of the zone and Add/Edit. If you are in the zone, the easy way to do this is the button <--Zone, which inserts your current zone.

Repeating mobs

When bringing in timers, its unclear which iteration of the mob the timer is for. If you know a mob appears in other forms, do a page search for the name. Even if that mob is not exactly right the timers may still be similar & help some.

This is a living document & work in progress. Post if you find errors, have additions, questions, etc.



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